Beyond building: Our revitalization program seeks to connect neighbors, improve quality of life, and empower the community.

We work to preserve the existing affordable housing stock and revitalize low-income neighborhoods in San Luis Obispo County. The Neighborhood Revitalization program is a broadly defined initiative that allows Habitat SLO to reach more families than our building program alone would allow. Guided by the Quality of Life Framework set out by Habitat for Humanity International, the program provides local residents the opportunity to come together to create safe and healthy neighborhoods.

This work can take many forms, such as neighborhood landscaping, or managing community housing maintenance coalitions. It is made possible by generous donor support, business partnerships, and by engaged neighbors who feel empowered to build homes, community and hope.

We work with a broad mission to develop community spirit.

Habitat’s vision for this program is to revitalize neighborhoods into vibrant, safe, and inviting places for current and future residents to live. Revitalization can only happen through the dedicated work of engaged citizens, partnerships with civic and business groups, and a strong feeling community spirit among residents. This initiative carries a broad vision to make a lasting impact on the community at large, and relies heavily on understanding the concerns of our neighbors and empowering them to lead these projects.

Neighborhood Revitalization’s Goals

  • To serve more families through an expanded array of housing products. In order to serve as many families as possible Habitat SLO County has moved from concentrating only on new home construction to including necessary maintenance, weatherization, and repairs to our service offerings with this program.
  • To demonstrate an improved quality of life in local communities. Historically Habitat had one metric – how many houses were built or, more recently, how many families were served. Neighborhood Revitalization has introduced outcome evaluation as a means of determining the qualitative impact of the work Habitat, and our community partners, will do in focus neighborhoods,
  • To broaden the base of Habitat’s financial support. Many Habitat affiliates have found that this program is intriguing and innovative; our donor base is excited to support this work. New donors are likely to support this program because it demonstrates lasting impact on an entire community more than than an individual family.
  • To increase volunteer participation. Neighborhood revitalization opens up new volunteer opportunities both through increased housing products and the possibility of mobilizing Habitat volunteers to work on other volunteer-appropriate projects.

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There is no application period or deadline for this program. Contact our CEO for more information and to discuss your project.