Re-Introducing Women Build Initiative in SLO County

Building Joy in SLO County

Eleven women chose to spend a Saturday making a significant difference in the lives of two local families in SLO County. These compassionate volunteers built two playhouses, providing creative and fun spaces for children to call their own. This project marked the revival of the Women Build initiative in the area, showcasing the power of women joining together to enact positive change.

Michelle McCovey Good, T&S Structural President, said, “It was super inspiring to see women of all backgrounds and generations come together with their skills and creativity to put together the playhouses. I would definitely encourage other businesses to sponsor a playhouse build. The theme of “everyone deserves to play” is a unique concept that we frequently overlook.  It was great to celebrate the joy that the playhouse will bring to a local child.”

This project was possible with the generous support of T & S Structural, Morris & Garritano Insurance, Lucy’s Coffee Co., and Mr. Pickles. Sponsorships are vital to Habitat SLO’s work. McCovey-Good shared, “Habitat SLO is a unique entity in our county, who rarely qualifies, or is awarded the community grants that other affordable housing organizations utilize to build multifamily dwellings.  Therefore, Habitat is completely dependent upon local donors, some state grants, and the revenue from the Restores to fund their builds.  The work Habitat does changes the lives of local families who would otherwise not be able to ever experience home ownership in our community.  It is an effort worth supporting to help maintain the economic vitality of our County.”